What is the Public Value of Public Service Broadcasting?

Pleased to share a discussion paper Tom Chivers and I have co-written:

Chivers, T. and Allan, S. (2022) ‘What is the Public Value of Public Service Broadcasting?: Exploring challenges and opportunities in evolving media contexts,’ Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre. London: Nesta.

This discussion paper elaborates the concept of ‘public value’ to inform an evaluative
framework for examining public service broadcasting (PSB) in the UK, particularly with
respect to emerging debates on the future of policy-making in rapidly evolving media
contexts. We begin with a case study of the implementation of public value tests at the
BBC from 2004 to the present day, analysing how this strategic concept has
encapsulated a varying set of principles, regulatory objectives, political challenges
and economic pressures facing the UK’s largest public service broadcaster. Following
this, we offer a prospective typology of six values — social, cultural, economic,
industrial, representational and civic value — for defining and assessing the public
benefits of PSB within a new media ecology. In so doing, we discern various tensions
warranting greater attention in forthcoming discussions regarding a renewed policy
settlement for the UK’s PSB model.

Please click this link for a PDF copy. All comments and suggestions welcome!

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Stuart Allan is Professor of Journalism and Communication in the School of Journalism, Media and Culture (JOMEC) at Cardiff University, UK.
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