Editorial Roles

Journal editing

2012 – present. Founding co-editor, with Mick Temple, Chris Frost and Jenny McKay, Journalism Education (Open Access; published by the Association for Journalism Education, UK)

1993-99. Deputy editor, Time & Society (Sage).

Editorial Boards

2016 – present, Member, Editorial Board, Journalism & Communication Monographs (AEJMC, Sage).

2016 – present, Member, Editorial Board, Global Media and China (Sage).

2016 – present, Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Forum Komunikasi Journal (UiTM).

2016 – present, Member, Editorial Board, Kaleidoscope: The Journal of Alternative Media and Social Movements (Open Access).

2013 – present, Member, Editorial Board, Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture (Taylor & Francis).

2012 – present, Member, Editorial Board, Digital Journalism (Taylor & Francis).

2012 – present, Member, Editorial Board, New Media & Society (Sage).

2012 – present. Member, Editorial Board, JOMEC Journal (Open Access; Cardiff University).

2008 – present. Member, Editorial Board, Media, War & Conflict (Sage).

2008 – present. Member, Editorial Board, Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism (Sage).

2007 – present. Foundational Member, Editorial Board, Communication, Culture & Critique (Blackwell).

2005 – present. Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Middle East Media (AUSACE).

2004 – present. Member, Editorial Board, Text & Talk: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Study of Discourse (Mouton de Gruyter).

1999 – present. Member, Editorial Board, Time & Society (Sage).

2014 – 2019, Member, Advisory Panel, Journalism and Discourse Studies (Open Access).

1997 – 2007. Member, Editorial Board, Space and Culture (Sage).

1997 – 2003. Member, Editorial Board, Media History (Taylor & Francis).

Special Issues of Journals

2019 – ‘New Perspectives on Citizen Journalism,’ (co-edited with Xin Zeng, S. Jain and A. Nguyen) Global Media and China, 4(1).

2018 – ‘Introduction to special issue: Journalism in a Post-Truth Age,’ (co-edited with L. Bennett, L. and M. Berry) Journalism Studies 19(13): 1849-1853.

2015 – ‘Photojournalism and Citizen Journalism: Co-operation, Collaboration and Connectivity,’ Journalism Practice 9(4), 455-464.

2015 – ‘Photojournalism and Citizen Journalism: Co-operation, Collaboration and Connectivity,’ Digital Journalism  3(4), 467-476. 

2011 – ‘Science Journalism in a Digital Age,’ Journalism, 12(7).

2007 – ‘Nanotechnologies, Risk and Society’ (co-edited with A. Petersen, A. Anderson, and C. Wilkinson) Health, Risk & Society9(2).

1995 – ‘Time, Culture and Representation,’ Time & Society, 4(3).

Book Series

1999-2010, Founding editor, Issues in Cultural and Media Studies series, Open University Press.


2005-present, Area editor, ‘Media History’ entries, International Encyclopedia of Communication published by Blackwell in co-operation with the International Communication Association (ICA).

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