New book: Citizen Journalism: Global Perspectives, volume 2

cj2 cover

Very pleased to announce the publication of the second volume of Citizen Journalism: Global Perspectives, which I have co-edited with Einar Thorsen.

Book synopsis:

The second volume of Citizen Journalism: Global Perspectives seeks to build upon the agenda set in motion by the first volume, namely by:

  • Offering an overview of key developments in citizen journalism since 2008, including the use of social media in crisis reporting;
  • Providing a new set of case studies highlighting important instances of citizen reporting of crisis events in a complementary range of national contexts;
  • Introducing new ideas, concepts and frameworks for the study of citizen journalism;
  • Evaluating current academic and journalistic debates regarding the growing significance of citizen journalism for globalising news cultures.


Simon Cottle: Series Editor’s Preface

Einar Thorsen and Stuart Allan: Introduction

Yasmin Ibrahim: Social Media and the Mumbai Terror Attack: The Coming of Age of Twitter

Lindsay Palmer: CNN’s Citizen Journalism Platform: The Ambivalent Labor of iReporting

Chris Greer and Eugene McLaughlin: Righting Wrongs: Citizen Journalism and Miscarriages of Justice

Lilie Chouliaraki: ‘I have a voice’: The Cosmopolitan Ambivalence of Convergent Journalism

Kristina Riegert: Before the Revolutionary Moment: The Significance of Lebanese and Egyptian Bloggers in the New Media Ecology

Neil Thurman and James Rodgers: Citizen Journalism in Real Time? Live Blogging and Crisis Events

Donald Matheson: Tools in Their Pockets: How Personal Media Were Used During the Christchurch Earthquakes

Trevor Knoblich: Hurricane Sandy and the Adoption of Citizen Journalism Platforms

Einar Thorsen: Live Reporting Terror: Remediating Citizen Crisis Communication

Mette Mortensen: Eyewitness Images as a Genre of Crisis Reporting

Stuart Allan: Reformulating Photojournalism: Interweaving Professional and Citizen Photo reportage of the Boston Bombings

Graham Meikle: Citizen Journalism, Sharing, and the Ethics of Visibility

Silvio Waisbord: Citizen Journalism, Development and Social Change: Hype and Hope

Clemencia Rodríguez: A Latin American Approach to Citizen Journalism

Firuzeh Shokooh Valle: Getting into the Mainstream: The Digital/Media Strategies of a Feminist Coalition in Puerto Rico

Yomna Kamel: Reporting a Revolution and Its Aftermath: When Activists Drive the News Coverage

Kayt Davies: Citizen Journalism in Indonesia’s Disputed Territories: Life on the New Media Frontline

Karina Alexanyan: Civic Responsibility and Empowerment: Citizen Journalism in Russia

Last Moyo: Beyond the Newsroom Monopolies: Citizen Journalism as the Practice of Freedom in Zimbabwe

Lisa Lynch: ‘Blade and Keyboard In Hand’: Wikileaks and/as Citizen Journalism

Nik Gowing: Beyond Journalism: The New Public Information Space

Hayley Watson and Kush Wadhwa: The Evolution of Citizen Journalism in Crises: From Reporting to Crisis Management

Lei Guo: Citizen Journalism in the Age of Weibo: the Shifang Environmental Protest

Mary Angela Bock: Little Brother Is Watching: Citizen Video Journalists and Witness Narratives

Kevin Michael DeLuca and Sean Lawson: Occupy Wall Street and Social Media News Sharing after the Wake of Institutional Journalism

Sue Robinson and Mitchael L. Schwartz: The Activist as Citizen Journalist.

Book’s webpages: publisher’s webpage and our webpage

Book series webpage: Simon Cottle, series editor, Global Crises and the Media


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Stuart Allan is Professor of Journalism and Communication in the School of Journalism, Media and Culture (JOMEC) at Cardiff University, UK.
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